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Sun., April 12 –3 p.m.

suggested donation
$15 advance, $20 at the door

“John Flynn is at the near end of a long line of American poets, thinkers and folk artists stretching from Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Walt Whitman, all the way up to Kris Kristofferson”
.                       —Ticket Magazine

In an era of deep division, John Flynn's songs call us together as they speak for the wounded, the weary, and the afflicted; for the prisoner, the soldier, and all the forgotten ones who walk unseen in our midst. Fusing the vision of an activist with the unblinking eye of a truth-teller, John Flynn’s music speaks deeply to the heart and the spirit. A wordsmith and poet of rare clarity, John evokes our shared humanity as he addresses the times we live in. From barbed political verse to joyous fun-loving lyrics for kids, John paints vivid, lasting images with words and music drawn from a palate of awareness, irony, humor, and compassion. John was recently honored for his contribution of his song Two Wolves included in the compilation CD, “All About Bullies, Big and Small,” which won the Grammy as Best Children’s Album of 2012.

“Every song I write always feels like my first,” Flynn says of the trade he’s practiced for more than three decades. ‘I guess that’s why I love it so much. It’s almost like that Buddhist concept of the beginner’s mind. Each song challenges you to seek and see new possibilities. Maybe that’s where the album title came from. After all these years, I feel like I’m just getting warmed up.” 

Today, John's shows draw from a significant body of work, ranging from his early country offerings to story songs, love songs, songs for kids, funny songs, songs of social justice, and meditations on loss, tolerance, faith and hope.  The 54 year-old father of four spurned touring when his children were young, but as the kids grew older superlatives began to welcome their dad's arrival to the national folk stage. 

In 2005, Arlo Guthrie invited John to join musical legends like Willle Nelson and Ramblin' Jack Elliott on the historic "Train to New Orleans" tour following Hurricane Katrina. And Ticket Magazine wrote that “John Flynn is at the near end of a long line of American poets, thinkers and folk artists stretching from Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Walt Whitman, all the way up to Kris Kristofferson”. Kristofferson has written liner notes for John, and has sung on three of Flynn's CDs


An evening no one wants to miss!

Sat., May 9 – 7:30 p.m.

suggested donation
$15 advance, $18 at the door

2014 Folk DJ Charts Highlights
Based on 159806 airplays from 184 different DJs

# 6 Album of the Year - Georgia I'm Here
#9 Folk Artist of the Year
# 6 Folk Song of the Year "Riding the Train"

His music swirls with themes of lightness, darkness, clocks ticking, fiddle looping, weeping willows, slide guitar bending, cynicism, hope, and the cycles of life and rebirth. If you love a moving song and musical madness, Joe Crookston delivers it all, the melodies, the lyrics, the energy, and a deep passion for exceptionally well-written songs.

photo by Neale Eckstein

Artist, writer, singer, guitar picker, painter, claw hammer banjo player, eco-village member and believer in all things possible.  You’ll be pulled in by the magic and musical world he creates and you’ll end up in the moment, humming & buzzing with the rest of the crowd.  He’ll sing to you ~ You’ll sing with him…He’s plumbing for lyrical gold, like some kind of social archeologist.  His story songs are universal, masterful and his concerts are a grand celebration of all of us.

His music has been recorded and performed by Irish harpers, a cappella gospel choirs, solo artists, and bluegrass bands. 

for Joe, it’s less about awards and quotes, and it’s more about this:
“I am learning to trust that my voice as a songwriter. Be who i am. trust the stories and follow no trends.   More and more I find that when I tell my true story, it has wider breadth, deeper impact, and resonates more clearly.

After years of creating, I do feel as though I’ve honed a way of writing and performing that has identifiable themes and expresses my quirky uniqueness.

Joe: There is a Georgia O’Keeffe quote that I love, and I’m paraphrasing:  ”The parts of ourselves that we are most self-conscious of, are the parts of ourselves that are most uniquely true to who we are!”

I see my job as an artist to have the confidence to sing, play and perform from this deep/true place inside of myself despite what is hip and cool at the moment.”

photo by Neale Eckstein

Sun., Sept. 13

suggested donation
$15 advance, $18 at the door

Kim & Reggie Harris inspire a sense of joy and exhilaration that lifts the soul ... makes you want to sing and celebrate your neighbor! Music that makes you come alive!”  —Philadelphia Daily News

Consummate musicians and storytellers, Kim & Reggie Harris are a mini festival of diversity. Combining traditional African-American spirituals and freedom songs with original folk, they sing of life, love, the quest for freedom, environment and community. Their latest CD, “Resurrection Day,” binds these themes into a profoundly moving personal odyssey of inspiration and hope, adding Reggie’s experience as an organ donor recipient to the social justice palette. For over two decades, Kim & Reggie have been affiliated with the John F Kennedy Center’s Partners in Education program, offering multimedia educational performances for students and community, “Music & The Underground Railroad” and “Dream Alive.”


Sun., Oct. 11 - 7 p.m.
Two of the funniest entertainers on today's
music scene.
 - The Boston Globe
A Night of Brighter Laughter 

Leave your worries at the doorstep and join Christine Lavin and Don White as they present a night of comedy unlike any other, The Funny Side of the Street: A Night of Brighter Laughter. 

A product of the rich Boston Arts Scene of the 90s Don developed his songwriter/performer chops in the same Club Passim/ Olde Vienna Kaffehaus scene that produced Dar Williams, Martin Sexton, Lori McKenna and Vance Gilbert. He was also a regular comedian at the legendary Catch a Rising Star in Harvard Square in Cambridge, Mass honing his comedic skills alongside Jimmy Tingle, David Cross, Wendy Leibman and a host of other cutting edge comics of the time. These experiences along with his immersion in the Boston spoken word scene that produced the National Poetry Slam Championship Team in 1992 all combined to make him one of the few performers who brings a comic's wit, and a poet's heart to his songs and stories.

“It doesn’t sound like a folk concert, it sounds like a comedy concert,” says White of his laughter-inducing co-bills with Lavin. “We rehearse and we rehearse and then inevitably, she’ll throw something at me that I have no idea about, with a mischievous grin that lets me know she’s been thinking about it all afternoon. Just to see what will happen. And she’s taught me to do the same.”

Audiences are looking for something fun, fresh, smart, and  intriguing as well as thoughtful:  On the Funny Side of the Street does just that.

Since 2008 these two veteran performers have brought their unique brand of clean and hilarious musical comedy to audiences across the US proving night after night that comedy can be smart, friendly, and breathtakingly funny without being vulgar or pejorative. This is a show for anyone who wants to laugh, whether it’s a group of friends or a family gathering, and feel good on their way out of the venue. 

Since emerging from the NYC singer/songwriter scene in the late 1980s, (along with  Suzanne Vega, Shawn Colvin, John Gorka, etc), Lavin quickly established herself  as an entertaining tour de force.  Quick on her feet, witty, insightful, engaging, she remains one of the most popular and respected performers in the genre.

Christine has also been at the forefront of finding and promoting extraordinary new talent.  She founded a songwriter's retreat on Martha's Vineyard, the On a Winter's (and Summer's) Night tours), The Four Bitchin' Babes, Laugh tracks among many other projects, in the process releasing more than 10 compilations CDs, as well as more than 20 of her own.

Her co-conspirator, Don White, is the latest artist that Christine has championed.  “He’s such an original; I call him sometimes a ‘blue collar intellectual,’” Lavin says. “Don has extremely high standards when it comes to what he does onstage. And he hits a grand slam every time. The first time we worked together he opened for me and it’s the only time in my entire career that I opened with a ballad because he was so funny, the audience was so laughed out.”



"Honor Finnegan's clever songs, powerful voice, and endearing stage presence have made her standout on the fertile NYC folk scene. Don't miss her!"
- John Platt, "Sunday Breakfast," WFUV, New York

Sun., Nov. 8 - 3 p.m.

suggested donation
$15 advance, $18 at the door

Kerrville New Folk Winner 2013
 Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist 2012
 Formal Showcase Artist NERFA 2012
 Formal Showcase Artist SERFA 2012 
#9 on the Folk DJ Charts (February 2012)

"I am honored to be compared to Honor Finnegan! 
I LOVE her!
- Christine Lavin

A "tiny lady" sings catchy songs about modern life.
Finnegan is a "modern day" songwriter and, with the exception of the cover of Sam Cooke's " "Wonderful World", she wrote all the songs on the disc. The title track, which leads off the 37-minute album, is catchy with Finnegan and her uke talking about "size". In this track, and much of the album, she sounds a lot to me like fellow singer/songwriter Christine Lavin. (If you like Chris, you'll probably like Honor.) And, Like Lavin many of her songs are about "modern day life" things. "Internet Junkie" and "Life is Short" (the latter revealing that "40 is the new 20") plus the closer "Waiting" (about all the lost time waiting for a subway train) are truly 21st century songs. There are a few slower, and more serious, tracks ("Pictures of Snow", "Little Bird") in the middle of the mix. Finnegan is one of the new breed of female singer/songwriters who use the uke for backing on fun upbeat songs. The one I like most here is the title track, but you can choose your own.

"One thing is certain: those who see and hear her encounter a powerful voice combined with a refreshing, offbeat sense of humor...Combined with her prodigious vocal instrument, her recorded and live repertoire packs a unique one-two punch"  ~Richard Cuccaro, Acoustic Live

Honor Finnegan Music

So very excited to have these boys back next December... would have loved to have them sooner, but alas, they continue to grow both as Brother Sun and in the solo careers,
but we will take them when we can get them!

Sat., Dec. 5 - 7:30 p.m.

suggested donation
$20 advance, $25 at the door

National Touring Artists Joe Jencks, Greg Greenway and Pat Wictor have made their mark as veteran touring singer-songwriters, but Brother Sun is no songwriter's round.

The trio's harmonies, as much as their lyrics, tell what they are about: warm as a campfire, stirring as a gospel church, rousing as a call to arms. Fusing folk, Americana, blues, pop, jazz, rock, and a cappella singing, Brother Sun is an explosion of musical diversity and harmony, in the finest of male singing traditions. 

From three major points on the map - New York, Boston, and Chicago - Joe, Greg, and Pat have truly blended themselves into Brother Sun, a unique celebration of the amazing power of singing together. As they will tell you, Brother Sun is not resident in any one of them - it exists between them and audiences feel this intimacy immediately. Their combined musical skills make for an unforgettable experience - three rich voices blending on a well-crafted foundation of guitar, slide guitar, bouzouki and piano

The response to the trio’s music has been tremendous! From main stage performances with standing ovations at Kerrville, Falcon Ridge, Philadelphia, Old Songs, Connecticut and other Folk Festivals; to sold out concerts throughout the U.S.A, Brother Sun has earned the respect of fans, colleagues, and presenters alike. And, their music and message appeals to fans of both contemporary and traditional music. 

The Trio’s second CD - Some Part of The Truth (2013) - debuted at #1 on the The North American Folk Music Chart, where it remained for 2 months, and was named 2013 Album of the Year. The CD also rose to #2 on Sirius XM’s Americana Chart. The record has quickly become a favorite of DJs, as well as fans. In addition, the #1 track from the CD “Lady of the Harbor”, which also debuted at #1 and was named 2013 Song of the Year, was featured on Lufthansa Airlines In-flight Program in January and February 2014. Brother Sun’s self-titled first release (2011), debuted at #2 on the North American Folk Music Chart, and was also named the #8 album of 2011.

Brother Sun Music

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